BinAir Hepa Filters

BinAir Hepa Filters

Binair Hepa Filters are available in different efficiencies to meet customized requirements.

Frame Material:
The Frames are made of high quality particleboard, plywood, aluminum and galvanized steel.

Filtering Media:
MicroCarb pleatable granular activated within two layers of synthetic media.

Leak and Integrity testing:
All Binair Hepa Filters are leak andintegrity tested. This is standard.HEPA FILTER:
Standard H13 , H14 and HEPA V Filters


Finished Product imported directly from the factory (Not locally assembled).

  • Make : M/s. Mikropor Turkey
  • Model : Hepa.
  • Media : Fibreglass mini pleated media
  • Frame : G.I
  • Grade : H13