Micro Carb-V Filter

Micro Carb-V Filter

MICROCARB – V is capable of absorbing any of the odors. Special ActivatedCarbon media is used. Three sizes are available for the different applications.No maintenance is required. High filter surface area and flow rates obtained bythe equally pleated, MICROCARB – V media construction. Rigid frameconstruction allows easy handling and shipment. All filters are produced inStandard frame size to suit most applications with the advantage of easyinstallation. The permissible high final pressure drop of the MICROCARB – Vgives a long service life between changes. The MICROCARB–V compactfor limited space applications and storage. They can be intermittently exposed to water without harmful effect.


Ultraviolet light and heat resistant plastic construction.

Filtering Media:
MicroCarb pleatable granular activated within two layers of synthetic media.