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Historical Review

BinAir Industrial LLC Dubai- United Arab Emirates is an ISO Certified local based company engaged in manufacturing of various types of air filters and fabrication of sheet metal accessories used in air conditioning works. BinAir specialty is to mobilize and unite all the possible resources, do what’s out of others expectation. BinAir is trying to satisfy all the requirements that can be thought of in the refrigeration and air conditioning market through her experience. The company specialized in the development and manufacture of high qualityfiltration products designed to provide significantly improved air quality while also promoting energy efficiency, sustainability, recycled or recyclable materials and other forms of environmental accountability. Durable consumer items sector is another field where BinAir has made her name known in G.C.C. Countries, in the beginning of eighteens, through her production of AIR FILTERS + A/C Accessories. BinAir is carrying the honor of raising her product quality, to a point that is taken as reference by others through her successful endeavors, in this field.

There are many different filters are used in the air conditioning and ventilation systems. The common filters are classified as, pre- filters, bag filters, carbon filters, pre- filter socks for pulse clean, activated carbon filters, paint booth filters, heap filters, mini pleat rigid filters etc.

At BinAir, our customer focus and “lowest –cost approach “can put us innovation to fulfill the requirements all your filter applications. Their range of HVAC products is used in shopping malls, offices, hotels, hospitals, institutions, paint booths and homes for the purpose of dust free and temperature controlled environment. We are equipped with a world-class manufacturing facility which has latest and technologically advanced machinery equipment. This unit enables us in manufacturing premium quality products according to international quality standards. Ourorganization is backed by team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who are regularly involved in meeting our client’s requirement without compromising quality.

Delivery is one of their strong attributes. Our dedicated team is able to deliver our products to your sites in a fast, prompt, and professional manner wherever you are whether day or night our team is ready to cover your needs. In the United Arab Emirates, they have been supplying mainly to the Government departments, leading hotels, hospitals, contractors, and almost all A/C unit manufacturing companies like Trosten,UTS Carrier, Trane and York etc. and were are certified as the local air filter manufacturers(UAE) Future targets of BinAir, are basically set by market researches and the requirements of the sector and are continuously adjusted to lead the demand.


Business concept

BinAir industries business concept: A better breath of fresh air is closely linked to sustainability

The sustainability programme is a transparent and tangible way of showing that we care about people and the environment. BinAir’s business concept and mission – to provide clean air – is closely interlinked to sustainability because of their air filtration solutions contribute daily to healthier indoor air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save energy.

The future depends on sustainability. Therefore we want to help safeguard the planet for coming generation by constantly greening our technology and products for customers and end users. Their sustainability efforts also require to pay closer attention to the social, economic and environmental impact of their global operations.

Board Of Directors


Hareb Khalifa Bin Hadher


Elie Jamil Abdo


Elias Camil Geadah


Camil Elias Geadah