Washable Flat & Plate Filters Synthrtic


Washable Flat & Plate Filters Synthetic

  • BA-WF-P2- Blue and White Media
  • BA-WF-P2- White Media ,P is for Pleated Type
  • BA-WF-1- White Media, not Pleated
  • BA-WF-1- Blue & White Media, not Pleated

The media is soft, easy to handle, and extremely resilient. It has a wide operational level in all environmental conditions, will withstand direct moisture and temperature ranges from - 20...C to 120...C without deterioration ormedia failure.

Central air-conditioning, fan coil units, unit ventilators etc.

Polyester - Tangle fleece compressed on the air outlet side. The media is also called as synthetic polyfibre filters.

Filter pads are cut to the required sizes, encased in galvanized M.S steel frames with G.I. mesh retainers (PLEATED& FLAT TYPE) pleated type provides an extended surfacearea on the filter media. Filter Medias are available from 4MM to 40 MM thick with different dust holding capacities.